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Our Story

We are just blessed to be able to live and work in Belize!! The fifth of January 2017 Becky and I were watching Caribbean Life and two days later we are at the All Seasons Guesthouse here in Hopkins. We just fell in love with the place even though it needed a lot of TLC!!

We had always said that someday we were going to live in Belize. Well here we are. In order to open a business checking account in Belize we needed to be incorporated!! We decided to name it Someday Inc.. Dreams do come true, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone!!

Gary and Becky Oden
Stepping out

Gary Oden


Becky Oden

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... An exceptional value! New hosts (super friendly and sincere) have purchased this property, and are making upgrades by the day! These cabaña's are about 50m from the water, and this is a very solid option for accommodations in this groovy, authentic Garifuna village. These cabana's are fully stocked, ready to go, and have a lot of character. Hosts are helpful and friendly, and if you want an authentic vibe for your Belizean journey, you will NOT be disappointed with this place! We will be back for sure!
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